High School Transcripts for College Admissions

transcripts for collegeWhen you apply for higher education, you will be expected to provide supporting documents with your application. One of these will be the High School Transcript for college purposes. This is a cumulative record file (CRF). This important document allows a college to look at what you have been doing and to assess what progress you have made during your years of study.

Transcripts for college are a permanent record of your academic achievement and include all the courses taken by you, grades you’ve received and all honors conferred. The transcript will contain your GPA (Grade Point Average).

It would be naïve to assume that the only important part of the Transcript is the cumulative GPA; admissions staff look for more when they see your transcript. They look at freshman grades, as these make up one quarter of your score. They also look at consistency. They will want to see improvement through your study. They will look at what your high school graduation requirements are, and your transcript may also include data on class size and the average class grades achieved. Colleges will be hoping to see that you have taken advantage of extra classes offered and have not just done the minimum needed to graduate. Extra classes taken will be expected to be in hard rather than “soft” subjects. AP classes (Advanced Placement) impress colleges and show you to be a student of calibre.

You can obtain an official transcript from your school. It is usually prepared by the school’s student registrar and sent directly to the school you are applying to. When you know what your chosen colleges are and have the deadlines, you will request the transcript from your school counsellor. Generally, the behaviour such as disciplinary actions are the only negative factor mentioned on your transcript. However, what is included in a transcript can vary from school to school. If you have any concerns about whether your transcript will include things that you feel do not show you in the best light, you should speak to your school counsellor who will be able to answer any such questions.

See below for some transcript (college) tips that you can follow:

  • Always ask for a copy of your transcript before it is sent to colleges to check for accuracy.
  • Make a list of questions about what the transcript contains and speak to your counsellor
  • Add an extracurricular resume if you would like to strengthen your transcript.
  • Keep abreast of your individual GPAs as you progress through high school. Although the cumulative GPA is the most looked at, the individual scores are also taken into account.
  • Look at the requirements for the colleges you want to attend and take not of what their average GPA requirements are. They will usually publish this on their website.
  • Take note of the deadlines colleges have and make sure you start this part of the application process early.

Following the helpful tips above should ensure that you are able to submit the strongest admission test result and give yourself the best possible chance.

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