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swarthmore college requirementsSwarthmore College is located in the borough of Swarthmore in Pennsylvania. The Pomona college was established in 1864 and has Quaker roots. It holds the reputation of being one of the earliest co-educational colleges in the United States. The founders of Swarthmore were prominent activists of their time in areas of social change such as Women’s Rights and the Abolitionists movement. The college campus is 425 acres wide and consists of green lawns, wooded areas and hiking trails. As many as 93% of students live on campus.

This private Liberal Arts college is a member of the Tri-College Consortium, which means that students are able to cross register for courses at any one of the three consortium member colleges.swarthmore college requirements

Ranked at number three in the US by Forbes Magazine, the college offers over 40 courses of study with more than 600 courses, and has on honors programme that was modeled on the UK’s Oxbridge tutorial system. The college has a highly impressive list of notable alumni, which include five Nobel laureates.

Read on for Swarthmore College undergraduate admission requirements:

Swarthmore College Undergraduate Admission Help:

2013-2014 Figures:

Academic Staff 178
Students 1534
Undergraduate 1534
Location Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 11 miles southwest of Philadelphia






Swarthmore College Admission Requirements:

  • Test Results: For admission in 2013 the combined average SAT score for Critical Reading and Math was 1438, while the average for SAT Writing was 721. The average ACT composite score for 2013 admissions was 32.1
  • Essay Submissions: An essay is included in the application. For information on the application essay, with useful tips, see .

Other documents needed:

  • A completed application form: Swarthmore accepts applications using the
  • Swarthmore College Short Answer: Applicants are asked to answer the following short answer question: “Please write about why you are interested in applying to and attending Swarthmore.” There is a 250 word limit.
  • School Report: This should include a Guidance Counselor Recommendation, your High School Transcript, and your midyear grades. If the mid-year grades are not available, then your teachers can provide a midyear progress report
  • Standardized Testing: See Swarthmore’s for guidance.
  • Two teacher evaluations: These should be from two academic subjects. They can be provided via the Common Application website or through . Swarthmore cannot accept application material by email.
  • Application fee: $60 Application Fee or Fee Waiver.
  • Early Decision Applicants: Application should include an in addition to First quarter/Trimester Senior Grades.

International Students: For non-U.S. students, who speak English as a second language, a TOEFL or IELTS exam is strongly recommended. Additionally, a copy of a valid passport and certification of finances should be included with all applications.

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