5 Steps to a Perfect UT Transfer Essay

The importance of having a good UT transfer admissions essay

Applying to transfer to the University of Texas is not a simple process and you have no guarantees of success. Like any other university or college in the country they have strict standards for admission and those standards are applied across the board even for transfers. While your GPA and other qualifications are important they are not however the only factor that is considered when your UT transfer application is reviewed. Often the most important factor in your application will be your UT Austin essay. This is your chance to really make yourself stand out and sell yourself to the decision makers; if you are able to write it well enough.

UT transfer requirements

If you are going to get yourself a transfer place then you will need to ensure that you fully comply with their application process. This means fully completing every part of their UT transfer admissions process:

  • Your UT application
  • Application fee; non-refundable
  • College transcripts
  • Two essays
  • Resume covering the last five years
  • Any Major specific requirements (check the specific majors)
  • High school transcript
  • Recommendations

Writing an engaging UT transfer admissions essay

Your transfer essay has got to get their attention from the start and be able to convince them that you are an ideal student for them. If you don’t manage that then your application will likely be rejected. The following simple tips will provide you with some help with ensuring that your transfer essay for UT admissions is well written:

  1. Open with an intriguing anecdote, quotation or fact that will hook in the reader, you need their attention right from the opening lines
  2. Maintain a logical flow all of the way through your essay
  3. Never say anything bad about your current college
  4. Provide a good reason to transfer; something that is academically based is best
  5. Use language that is appropriate for your application; do not use slang, profanities, acronyms or unusual words that people will not recognize

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