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Albright College is a private, nonprofit college that was founded in 1856. Out of 1,391 colleges, it ranked #806 in best nationwide colleges. Currently, it has 2,360 undergraduate; 59% are female and 41% are male. Albright College has a 50.1% acceptance rate. Last year, Albright college application had 6,347 applicants, 3,038 were admitted and 485 enrolled. Its tuition and fees is $39,850.

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Albright College offers 50 programs of undergraduate study, has an Accelerated Degree Programs and master’s degree program. Albright College graduate programs also have MS or MA which students can select their concentrations from:

  • General Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education

Students who wish to get both undergraduate and graduate degree at Albright College can take advantage of its 4+1 program. It is a continuous program that allows students to both bachelor and master’s degree within just five years and one summer.

Prospective applicants should comply with all the necessary requirements early on as application to Albright is rolling. The school is selective and you will have greater success of admission if you send your Albright College application early. Albright College application deadline for regular admissions is March 1 and students can expect a notification for admission by October 1.

  • Standardized Tests (ACT, SAT, etc.)
  • Transcript/School Records
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • College Preparatory Program
  • Class Rank (Recommended)
  • Application Essays
  • Minimum credits of 24 to apply (for transfer students)
  • College GPA of 2.0 (for transfer students)
  • TOEFL (International students)

For students who wish to apply to Albright College graduate programs:

  • Admission to degree program and degree candidacy
  • Completion of the entire program of study, including at least 12 core credit hours, 15 concentration credit hours, and nine credit hours in liberal arts study, and successful completion of a thesis, short research project, or comprehensive exam.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.8
  • Completion of coursework within six years
  • Submission of an Application for Graduation and payment of all tuition fees and other financial obligations to Albright College

SAT and ACT scores is an admission factor. For applicants, you should be able to comply with the test score guidelines required by Albright College. The following is the scores for SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 450 – 580
  • SAT Math: 480 – 570
  • ACT: 20 – 25

Applying for Financial Aid and Tips for Successful Albright College Application

Colleges like Albright are constantly working hard to make sure that tuition is reasonable and affordable to deserving students. You can also explore Agnes Scott College requirements. Scholarships and grants are available; in fact, 99% of students receive financial aid that averages to $26,773. Scholarships are based on the needs of students. If you think that the amount calculated for you is not reasonable, you can negotiate by demonstrating a greater financial help than others. 631 incoming freshmen were given scholarships with $22,963 average while 326 were awarded federal grant aid which enjoys an average of $5,972 each.

The following links offer you more information about financial aid assistance and other grants at Albright College:

  • Financial Aid Department Website:
  • Net Price Calculator:

Not everyone may be successful in their application to Albright College which is why you should gather as much help and guide as you can. The following are useful tips that you can surely benefit from:

  1. Make sure that all necessary and relevant requirements are included and well crafted. Double check everything before submission as this will determine your admissions.
  2. Do not worry if you have low test scores or GPA. Many admission committees utilize essays, academic performance and extracurricular activities to evaluate your expertise.
  3. If you are invited for an interview, focus on what is important. Everything is all about first impressions.
  4. Show your uniqueness. Aside from your proficiency, many schools select students based on distinctive skills.
  5. Take advantage of online help when it comes to your application. You will have better chances of getting into your dream school if you come prepared and ready.

Why You Should Choose Albright College

  • Albright College has numerous campus services like non-remedial tutoring, women’s center, health service, and health insurance.
  • It also ensures campus safety and provides students with 24 hour foot and vehicle patrol.
  • Computer resources are available for students to utilize. Other facilities are laboratories, residence halls, science center, library, and student center.
  • Albright College gives services to disabled students through note-taking services, tape recorders, special housing, tutors, and adaptive equipment.
  • It is dedicated in helping you get high quality academic and advanced training to prepare you to become effective citizens.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as we can give you detailed guide on proper Albright College application!

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