Antioch College Application Requirements

Antioch College Application: Qualification for Admission and Other Info

Antioch College is a private school located at Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was founded in 2011 and currently has 238 undergraduate students with 66% of its population are female. Its annual tuition and fees is $34,568.

Students should take note of all important requirements in the Antioch College application process. The following are the entire essential Antioch College application requirements checklist for applicants:

  • Transcripts or GED Scores Report
  • Secondary School Report
  • Academic Recommendation Letter
  • Personal Essay
  • Horace Mann Fellowship Essay
  • Home School Supplement (home schooled applicants only)
  • Transfer Credits (for transfer students)

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Like any other schools, Antioch College puts importance on the applicants standardized test scores. For prospective applicants, your SAT and ACT scores will play a great factor on your admission. The following are required test scores for students who wish to apply to Antioch College:

  • SAT Reading: 608 – 673
  • SAT Math: 535 – 653
  • SAT Writing: 568 – 623
  • ACT: 22 – 30

Currently, Antioch College does not accept International applicants. Other crucial factors for your admission are your application essay, recommendation, interview, character and level of interest. Antioch College has an 83% acceptance rating. Application for Antioch College is due every February 15 and applicants can receive results as early as December 1.

The cost for full time students in Antioch College can amount to $55,019 including fees, room and board and indirect costs which covers books, personal expenses and insurance. This can be daunting for most but there are financial aids and scholarships that Antioch College offers which can cover half the cost of tuition. Aside from the prestigious Horace Mann Fellowship, Antioch College students can also apply for significant scholarships. To learn more about different types of aid from federal financial aid to need based scholarships, refer to this link: 

Antioch College Programs and Tips for Successful Application

Antioch College is best ranked for it Liberal Arts and General Studies major. PhD is the highest degree it provides its students. The school offers four major areas of studies from Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Antioch College programs are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Bachelor of Science

  • Biomedical Science
  • Environmental Science

Bachelor of Arts

  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Literature
  • Media Arts
  • Performance
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Political Economy
  • Visual Arts

Application to any school, for example if you just know about Assumption College requirements, can be difficult for all students. The best way for you to maximize your chances is to ensure that everything is accounted for. For prospective students who want to get into Antioch College, here are quick tips to ensure you get accepted:

    1. Do not wait for the final deadline before you start complying and submitting the requirements. Always start early; this will help ensure that you cover all important requirements necessary.
    2. Gain as much support from friends, family and faculty members. Antioch College application can be a grueling task but they can provide you with ideas how to ease the entire process.
    3. Focus on key factors to win over the admission committee. If you have poor GPA or standardized test, make sure that you compensate it with impressive recommendation letters and essays.
    4. Research and research some more. Whether you are applying for Antioch College or other school, understanding the process, requirement and admission is truly beneficial for you.
    5. Seek expert help, online and offline. There are academic services available online that will provide you easy and quality support. Experts can do more than just guide you but will help guarantee that your requirements are at par with the guidelines of Antioch College.

    Why You Should Choose Antioch College

    • Antioch College offers career services to its students. You can benefit with the variety of its services from co-op education, international student internship to job placement assistance.
    • It has a Sexual Offensive Prevention Policy which has become known nationwide. It focuses on current, real world issues and promotes social justice and sustainability among others.
    • It is a terrific place to get an education. Aside from great liberal arts training, the school itself is small, close knit and friendly.
    • Antioch College puts emphasis on promoting social action and educating students to be global leaders.
    • It provides its students with learning opportunities and make sure that all of its graduates are well equip to be effective leaders.

    If you are considering for Antioch College application, we can provide you with all the necessary information, links and even provide you with academic support throughout the process.