College Scholarship Application Requirements

college scholarship applicationsSo, it is the time in your life when you are looking at college and thinking about the logistics involved, like where to apply, what to study, applications and for many college scholarship applications and scholarship requirements.

A scholarship is a payment awarded to students to help support their education. They are awarded on a wide variety of bases. There are a huge number of scholarships available across the U.S., some rather quirky, some very standard. The following is an example of some of the types of scholarships that exist:

Corporate Scholarships:

These are given by large corporations as a way of giving something back to a community. They are usually nonrestrictive and the criteria for such an award can be very broad. As a resort of the broadness of criteria, competition can be fierce as more will apply.

Private Scholarships:

These are awarded by individuals or small companies. It is likely that these scholarships will have a criteria that is very specific. This will not always be based on academic ability or GPA scores.

Merit Based:

These are, as the name suggests, given to parenting college students who demonstrate a high level of ability in a specific field. This could be academia, art, music or one of a variety of other areas.

Athletic Scholarship:

Given by colleges and universities; the expectation is that the student will be a member of one of the colleges sporting teams. There are also private scholarships available, given to students who demonstrate exceptional athletic prowess.

Career-Specific Scholarship:

Awards like this are aimed at students looking to have a career in a specific area. The highest awards are generally given for areas where there may be a need for more qualified staff, such as nursing or education, particularly for those who intend to work within a community of high need.


This covers a variety of scholarships that are decided upon based on things such as gender, race, religion etc. Under this category are awards for minority groups.

As seen above, the criteria is varied and for some scholarships the criteria is quite unique and unusual. The majority will be based on need and academic ability.

So what do you need to do for a college scholarship application? The process will vary according to the award, but most will require the following supporting documentation in addition to the application form. It is advisable to spend time collating this information in advance.

  • Transcript: A record of your study and grades
  • Curriculum Vitae: To include things like work, study experiences, hobbies and achievements
  • Personal Statement: This may be a statement or even a short essay.
  • Letter of Reference: If this is required, the award information will say tell you who should provide this.
  • Interview: While many do not ask you to interview, be prepared that some may.

Use a  to make sure your application is error-free!

As many will attest, this is one of the most stressful parts of the college application as so much depends on its success. Apply for as many scholarship types as you qualify for. The more you apply for, the greater your chances of success. Many students fund their studies via multiple smaller scholarships. Be persistent in you quest and get the information you need ready so as to maximise your available time.

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