DOs and DON’Ts of the College Application

college application tipsIt’s easy enough to find information on what to do in your college application, but what shouldn’t you do? Let’s have a look at some of the dos and don’ts of college application in the hope of shining some light on what you should omit.


  • Be self-sufficient: Do not expect your parents to take on too much responsibility for your application to college.
  • Be aware of your online profiles: While admissions staff won’t be going out of their way to look at these profiles, they may take heed of any anonymous tips they get about you. Better safe than sorry.
  • Be aware of your need for financial aid and start early: Like your application, this is going to be an area that will benefit from early thought and preparation.
  • Research: Use the available resources to fully research the colleges you wish to attend. Make sure you’re aware of how to write a college application and look at the extensive lists of college scholarschip application tips available online.
  • Ask questions: Admissions staff are happy to answer questions you may have.


  • Sell yourself short: Recognize your skills and life experiences. Sell those with the value they deserve. You will have unique qualities that make you worthy of a place.
  • Let stress get the best of you: Stress can make any situation far more daunting. Find ways to relax between the application processes and your schedule.
  • Bite the hand that feeds you: In this instance it will be those of whom you have expectations, such as teachers, school counsellors and anybody you may need to write you a reference, either for college or financial aid. Maintain good relationships with these people, you will need them to be on your side.
  • Leave things until the last minute: It can’t be stressed enough how important sticking to your schedule is.
  • Be a nuisance to admissions staff: While admissions staff are happy to help, be sure that the answer to any question you have cannot be found on the college’s website before you call them. Aside from making you look like a pest, it says very little about your research skills.
  • Lie: So, you’ve made it to interview stage – what’s the main thing you shouldn’t do in a college interview: lie. Most don’t intend to lie, but with the nerves and stress, and sometimes a sheer lack of preparation some students panic and start blurting out all sorts of untruths. An anonymous admissions officer from a well-respected institute tells of an applicant who, in interview, claimed to have already got a place at Yale via the early decision route. “The only problem was, his claim was obviously false. If he had been accepted by Yale via early decision, he was contractually bound to go there, and he couldn’t interview anywhere else.” Suffice to say the student was rejected.

It is also crucial your application doesn’t contain mistakes. For this purpose we advise you to today!

By following our advice you should be able to avoid making mistakes and limit the amount of stress that college applications can produce. You could soon be on your way to your dream college.

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