How to Complete College Application Requirements

Every year many school students fail to complete their college application on time and subsequently lose out on a place. For many, this is due to their lack of knowledge about what they need to do and poor planning. Many fail to utilise the college application help that many admissions offices can provide.

Although some colleges will ask for components that are specific to them, they will also usually use the following Standard College Application requirements. Here are the list of basic requirements and some information about when these will be required:

Application Form:

Most colleges will expect students to submit their applications in an electronic format, either directly to them on a platform they have, or via the common application or universal application programs. You will be asked to enter basic information, details about your family and living situation, information that distinguishes you from other applicants, and details of your extra-curricular activity. Make sure you focus on your best qualities in your application. Take a look at sample applications to familiarise yourself with the process, and make sure you start early so you can take your time.

Teacher/Counsellor Recommendations:

Make sure you ask for your recommendations as early as possible – they’re more likely to be receptive if you don’t place them under the pressure of having to complete them at the last minute. It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of checking the deadlines that are published on admissions pages.


You will need to ask your school for these in advance so that you have them available when you need them. Check the deadlines and the specific submission instructions of the college. Will they want them electronically or in paper format? Most will accept electronic but not all will accept paper. Find this out in plenty of time.

Standardized Test Requirements:

Every college will have a timetable for when you will need to submit your results. They will also have specific codes that you will give to the examining board so that they can electronically send them on your behalf. It is important to look at the admissions pages of the college to find out what deadlines exist. If you cannot find the information you need, then email the admissions office and ask. These application timetables are crucial.


Although many colleges will ask students for their applications via the application form, some will expect students to submit an extra college specific admissions essay. Prompts for these will be given to students during the application process, however taking a good look at the admissions page of your chosen college is a good idea as some will have these prompts available so you can start writing early.

Tips for Applicants:

  • Create a schedule for each of your colleges.
  • Make sure you are aware of deadlines for each college
  • Request transcripts and recommendations before you start the application process
  • Start as early as possible. The earlier you start, the more research you can do and the more you can prepare.

If you follow the tips and advice above and make sure you seek help about anything you do not understand you can be assured that the application process will not defeat you. Good luck.

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