How to Explain Low Transfer GPA in Transition Essay

Requirements for your transfer GPA

For most transfers there are college transfer GPA requirements that must be met however they are not always specified; for instance your university of Texas transfer GPA is not specified but the application pageclearly states that is important and that a high GPA is a bonus. The Stanford university transfer GPA is also not quoted but statistics show that 73% of those admitted have GPAs of 4.0 and over while only 5% of those accepted had a GPA of 3.70 and below. While your academic performance is important it is not going to be the only factor that decisions for admission will be based on. If however your GPA falls short of what you feel is going to be required you may feel compelled to explain it within your essay.

Explaining a low transfer GPA dos and don’ts

In some cases it may be best to just ignore the fact that your GPA is low; especially if you really do not have a valid reason for it being like that. But if you do have a valid reason and you feel that it may be accepted and beneficial to mention then you should carefully mention it within your essay. The following are some valid reasons for having a low GPA:

  • Health or personal problems; these should be explained carefully and without the use of overly emotional language.
  • Financial problems; many students find that they have to work to offset the costs of studying; again do not make overly emotional claims in your explanation and keep things to just a couple of lines.

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Offsetting a low transfer GPA within your transfer essay:

  • Show that you have good grades in your major subject areas; without mentioning why your grades are lower in other subject areas show how you have achieved the required grades in the subjects relevant to your major
  • Offset a low transfer GPA with relevant work experience; having relevant work experience can help you to overcome a low GPA and can show commitment towards continuing your studies

It is always best to take responsibility for your low grades and it may also be helpful to show what you are doing to improve things in the future.

What to avoid when mentioning a low transfer GPA

The following are some simple tips as to what you should avoid when mentioning a low transfer GPA:

  • Never blame the low grades on poor teachers or teaching methods
  • Never say that you don’t perform well during examinations
  • Never claim that the way scores are calculated penalizes you
  • Basically never blame anyone or anything for your low grades

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