Make Application a Game

For some, the college application process represents stress and anxiety. The motivation to push oneself into a stressful environment is understandably low, and as such some students fail to meet deadlines, or fail to apply to as many colleges as they originally hoped to.

A great way to approach the application process is to turn it into a game. The end result of this game is a completed and submitted application, or several, and prize/s of your choice.

The prizes should be commensurate to the number of points you score. A prize for hitting the minimum score and then a better one for having accumulated bonus points along the way.

Perhaps get a parent to commit to the prize. Maybe get friends involved, with their applications, and make it more of a point based competition.

So what shall we call this game? Well, you can choose any name you want, for now we’ll choose the name CAP (Completed Application Process). The object is to complete the stages of the application process and finally submit. The calendar will be your game board and you’ll earn points every time you complete a stage.

To begin, find the deadlines for college applications stages and place them on a calendar ready for the game to begin; set yourself an earlier date for each official deadline, as you will want to double check stages for accuracy and correct mistakes. Every time you complete a stage give yourself ten points. If you complete it ahead of the deadline, give yourself a bonus of another 10 points. So, what are the stages? What is the college application tips?


Application: You will complete all necessary parts of the application form.


Start the Financial Aid application.


Documents: You will request a copy of your transcript and any required recommendations.


Essay: Complete the first draft of your essay and get your appointed proof-reader to check it over. If there is little that needs changing, give yourself 10 bonus points.


Make all adjustments to your essay so that it is ready to be submitted.


Test Scores: Ensure that the testing board has the institution codes for all of your colleges so that the scores are ready to go.


Submission of reports and Transcripts: You will by now have checked your required documents for accuracy and they should be ready to be submitted.


Double check everything then submit. if you find any misspelling.

Well done. You have completed all necessary levels; appoint yourself the appropriate prize for the score you achieved!

Managing your time during the college application process timeline is completely essential to your success. You may write the best application essay ever and have the greatest test scores possible, but mismanaging your time and missing deadlines will kill your application in its tracks.

Making it into a game and giving yourself goals to meet will make the process more pleasant and hopefully remove some of the stress. If you are naturally competitive, then getting friends to play too will give you a greater incentive. Life is the biggest game we play and businesses are starting to recognize this and implement gaming into the work environment.

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